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Second Time Parents

Baby gifts that are especially good for second time (or more) parents.

Maple Landmark Name Train

$30 for 4 letters, with Caboose & Engine

I didn't realize what a brilliant second baby gift this was until I got one. While it made a cute decor gift for baby's room, it was secretly a gift for my older child, who loved playing with it and learned how to spell his little brother's name in the process! (They are technically for ages 3 and up.)


This Vermont-based company offers high quality, beautiful products. The trains come in a variety of finishes, including bold and pastel, and you can include tracks if you like. I also love their Pi teether.

Logan + Lenora Diaper Clutch and Wet Bags


I adore giving a baby gift that is secretly for mom! Logan + Lenora makes gorgeous, indestructible, machine washable wet bags that are stylish and versatile. The diaper clutch ("Wristlet Clutch") is a must-have, and for a confident second parent, it replaces the huge diaper bag you used to tote around! It fits several diapers and a pack of travel wipes, and can double as a cute going-out clutch in a pinch. (It has saved me on several occasions!) Add the matching changing pad for a lovely set (as shown).

The bigger bags are great, too -- if you want to spend more, add them onto the gift accordingly. (I have them in every size.) As a bonus, the packaging comes with cute tissue paper and stickers, and is lovely to receive.


I shop here so often, they gave me a coupon code for you: Use code PATRICIA10 for 10% off your order

Dyson V6 Baby + Child Handheld Vacuum


The Rolls Royce of baby gifts. I use this powerful, lightweight, cordless vacuum multiple times a day. It's simply awesome, especially with a toddler in the house. If you have the budget for it, this makes a terrific gift -- they will love you forever!

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