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First Time Parents

My favorite gifts for first time parents.

Aden + Anais Swaddle Sets


These swaddling cloths are both beautiful and incredibly useful for a new baby. They also last for years. (One reason I like them for a first baby.) Baby clothes are cute, but they outgrow them incredibly quickly, so they're not as useful. Check out the gorgeous limited edition Disney designs! As a bonus, the packaging is really pretty.

Aden + Anais Hooded Towel Set


We are still using these on our kids 6 years later. Incredibly useful and cute, with cute packaging. (Unfortunately, they don't have an option to personalize anymore, but as a plus, this makes them easier to use for future babies!)

Trumpette Baby Sock Sets


These adorable 6-sock sets stay on baby's feet, wash well, and are very useful for baby's first year, when they won't be wearing shoes. They also come in a variety of cute styles for boys and girls alike that mimic grown up shoes. Pick the recipient's favorite style!

Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator & Filters


I laughed when I got one of these as a new baby gift from an experienced mom friend -- I didn't even know such a thing existed -- but it ended up being a lifesaver we still use to this day when baby (or kid) has a stuffy nose. Group it with some saline mist and baby face wipes (see below) and you've got a lighthearted but incredibly useful gift!

Saline Spray for Noses


Group this with the nasal aspirator for a supremely useful gift. Trust me, they'll thank you later!

Mustela Dermo-Soothing Wipes


These luxurious all-purpose wipes are super useful for cleaning little hands and faces, and they smell divine. They're also fancy enough that a new mom wouldn't probably buy them for herself -- perfect for a gift! Great in a bundle.

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