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Rights & Resources

I have heard too many stories of women being told they can’t breastfeed in a certain location, almost always by a person who may mean well, but has no clue what he is talking about. More commonly, I hear about or see moms nursing in uncomfortable or gross places (i.e., public restrooms) for fear of offending someone or breaking some rule.


In many states, such as my home state of New York, your right to breastfeed in public is expressly protected by law. 


Even if your state doesn't have any express protection for breastfeeding, I urge you to stand your ground. Nursing your baby isn't indecent or inappropriate. And if you're so moved, contact your State Representative about getting some express protection for public breastfeeding on the books in your state! You can look him or her up here.


(PS: As usual, nothing here is legal advice -- just my personal opinion!)

Below, I've also included some of my favorite breastfeeding resources.

Learn about New York's breastfeeding law (and get a printable card) here!

An evidence-based online resource and community on all things breastfeeding.'s incredibly knowledgeable Exclusive Pumpers board.

Please note: Nothing on this web site is intended to constitute or convey legal advice. Please read my full Disclaimer here

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